Kartäuser Katzen





Our power mom Cinderella gave birth to 5 little angels:
Wendy, Wanda, Willi, Wolf and Winnie.



On 24.09.2022 our V-litter was born, v(f)our kitten in v(f)ourty minutes: Valentin, Violetta, Vincent and Victoria.



After two kittenless years Daisy gave the best birthday present to me:
Ukrajina was born.



Our four Teletubbies arrived! However, mommy Ila came up with something special: Two babies were born on 28. February 2020, the other ones on 29. February - forever young ;)



Finally Cinderella is mommy to and needn't to take care just for the little brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces. On 09.03.2019 she gave birth to Stella, Sina and Simba.



Sundays children! On 03.03.2019 Ila gave birth in the bed of our daughter after wake up until the beginning of breakfast to: Rosa, Ruby and Robin.



Chiara got it, Banu got it ad now also Daisy: an only child! Maybe because of consideration to us in naming or because of the difficult first letter...Quentin was born on 22.02.2019.



On 7. February 2018 we celebrated double birthday: on the one hand the birthday of our daughter, but also the birth of Daisys and Bens babys. While the last litter of them were just girls, they got 4 boys this time: Paddington, Phileas, Percy und Pino



On 31. January 2018 finally Ila became mother for the first time, Obelix, Olivia and Odina were born. We are very happy about these babys because it`s the 4. generation of Chartreux vom Sodbarg born in our home.



Our Septemberbabys 2017: On 6. September Nemo, Nelson, Newton and Nala were born. Cinderella is once again a very loving and proud mommy!



Three girls for Daisy and Ben! Melody, Maya and Minou were born on 01.03.2017.



Cinderella has become mommy again: Luke, Leia an Layla were born on 5th september 2016.


Our beautiful gift giving last year at 29.12.2015: Alenka gave birth to two beautiful little male cats: Knut and Kaspian!



In the early morning hours of 31st August 2015 Daisy gave birth, within less minutes, to her daughter and son, Jolie and Jerome.



On 10th August 2015 Ila, our little only child, was born. Without further ado mommy Banu and aunt Cinderella decided to raise their children together.



Our super-mommy Cinderella gave, secretly and quietly, her four sweet kitten, Hera, Hercules, Hakim and Helin, birth in the afternoon of 7th August 2015.



Since 23rd October 2014 Gloria and Gwendolin bring female wind into the nursery.


Fabius, Felix and Figaro, our Sunday children, not only make Cinderella happier since 21st September 2014.



A very special Easter this year!
Daisy turned night into day and presented us in the early hours of Good Friday in 2014 three lovely blue kitten.


After 70 days it finally happened: On 14th January 2013 we were able to welcome our little only child Damian!



Since 19th March 2012 Daisy is a proud mother of three beautiful Chartreux kitten. Now she no longer needs to borrow Chiara’s kitten.



On 8th February 2012 at 2:54 p. m. Chiara released her first b-kitten with a birth weight of 112 g to the world. The second one followed 45 minutes later (132 g), number 3 and number 4 respectively in 20 minutes’ distance weighed 146 g and 110 g. We are pleased with Chiara and are very proud of all of them!


In February 2010 Chiara gave birth to four sweet Chartreux girls: Alenka, Amira, Arielle and Angelina.