Kartäuser Katzen



Breeding Understanding

We breed according to the guidelines of the FiFe (Fédération Internationale Féline), the international umbrella organization of cat breeding associations, which among other things has set uniform standards for the breeding of cats.

We also are member of 1. DEKZV e.V., the oldest cat breeding association of Germany and of Chartreux d’Europe, an international interest group of breeders and lovers of Carthusians.

We decided to breed cats because of our strong love for our cats. Their health and well-being are of course extremely important for us.

Every pregnancy is accompanied by our great joy, but also the concern that the mommy and her babies are well and that the kitten are born without any problems. Once the babies are born, the mother and her children move to a quieter place in the house, but are never without a family connection.

At the appropriate time our kitten will be dewormed, vaccinated against cat cold and diseas in the 8th week of life, then they will be chipped and will receive an EU-pet passport. The second vaccination takes place in the 12th week of life before the kitten pass to their new owners at the age of at least three months. Of course every kitten is also registered at the DEKZV and receives a FiFe-pedigree from the 1. DEKZV.

In our large family the topic of social interaction – logically – is important. Our kitten have to endure caresses from a large number of people and adults cats and mature into confident and curios little cats. They have their first experiences with a cat harness and accompany us while car driving. Our kitten are purely domestic cats and will only be given if there is no possibility to run freely into the garden at the new home.