Kartäuser Katzen




The Chartreux is a smart cat, who feels – in case of a respectful treatment – quickly home in a new environment and family. Because of her high loyalty to her family, she is also known as a dog-cat, who listens well to her name, retrieves and allows to take herself on a leash.

She is sensitive, essentially strong, friendly and independent. She adjusts to the mood of her family, registered and responded. The Chartreux is a calm, stable, placid cat that builds on her attachment figure a loyal affectionate relationship.

You may expect, that the Chartreux might assume wildness because of her robust build, but in this case you are wrong, because the Chartreux is considerate and does not violate while playing.

She is teachable, curious and tolerant and can live very well with children. The Chartreux has the ability to quieten somebody down in case of stress and noise, what she really doesn’t like.