Kartäuser Katzen



Breed Features

The Origin

Originally the Chartreux lived in the Middle East in the mountains of Syria, Persia and Turkey. At the time of the crusades the Chartreux found the way to Europe as souvenirs from the returning knights. Since then the provisional final home of the Chartreux is France. First reports of Chartreux are lead back to the 15th century, where the Chartreux counted as food and suppliers for fur.

Optical Standard

The Chartreux is a graceful cat with muscular build and broad chest. In figure and size, she is similar to the house cat. Her head shape is trapezoidal, wide bottom and narrow top and has a flat forehead.


The Chartreux is a smart cat, who feels – in case of a respectful treatment – quickly home in a new environment and family. Because of her high loyalty to her family, she is also known as a dog-cat, who listens well to her name, retrieves and allows to take herself on a leash.