Kartäuser Katzen



Optical Standard

The Chartreux is a graceful cat with muscular build and broad chest. In figure and size, she is similar to the house cat. Her head shape is trapezoidal, wide bottom and narrow top and has a flat forehead.

The skull is not domed, slightly rounded, closely spaced and form a flat surface between the ears.

The cheeks are full, rounded, pulled down low, especially if male cats are highly developed.
The nose is medium long, broad and straight.
The muzzle is square and relatively small what gives the cat her characteristic "smile".
Her ears are small to medium sized, sitting high on the skull and bolt upright, what gives the cat her attentive expression.
The eyes are large and round, the outer corner of the eye is easily pulled up. The eye color is bright yellow to deep copper, no faded paler hue, but vivid and clear, pure and intense, without a trace of green.
The neck is short and strong.
The legs are straight, short to medium length, strong, very muscular and end in oval paws, which are balls of lavender.
The tail is medium long, thick at the base, for the rounded tip tapers slightly. The Chartreux is a shorthair cat. Her fur is shiny, thick, dense – like the fur of otters, waterproof, slightly above because of the lush sub-hair, woolly.
In the fur color all shades of blue are permitted, only decisive factor is the uniformity of hue.
The female cat differs from the male cat by her smaller stature, the narrower breast and narrower cheeks.