Kartäuser Katzen



About Us

Maxi was a blue house cat. She was our sunshine more than 19 years. Her loss was very painful.

To comfort us we started reading about blue cats, so we pounced on the Chartreux. The race features matched exactly to the characteristics of Maxi, who we have loved so much.

Half a year later Chiara moved to us and another six months later Daisy also became a part of our family. We were exuberantly happy!
This was the beginning of our Chartreux fairy tale. Chiara had her first litter and the family decided to keep the first-born girl Alenka. But also our youngest baby Angelina had slipped that much into our hearts, so that she stayed with us. When Chiara got her second litter we kept her first-born son Ben – finally a man in the house. Not only Ben wanted to stay in our permanent growing family, but also Banu signalized us to stay.
Consistent Cinderella, Daisy’s first-born daughter, had to stay in our family.
Banu became mommy and gave birth of a girl named Ila. As founder of a new generation Chartreux vom Sodbarg Ila needed to stay with us of course. Now there was just missing a daughter of Ben: our supersweet Melody was born, a wonderful mix of her parents; as lovely as her father with the mischief of her mother can nobody resist her.

We will see how all will go on ...

C harming
H eartbreaker
A wake
R obust
T idy
R esplendent
E legant
U ncomplicated
X just have a Chartreux cat and then you will know!